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How Can You Use Edm Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Leads?

It should go without saying that you’ll need a well-researched email marketing strategy to succeed these days. There’s simply too much competition to attempt it on your own.

Every day, 306 billion emails are sent. That is a significant number of emails. If each of those emails was a second, it would amount to 9703 years.

Around 9,703 years ago humans had recently developed pottery but were yet to discover the potato. There were only 20 million of us then, so any old advertising effort could work in theory. Back then, it was quite simple to get through to people. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much email technology available at the time. I suppose you’d just throw a rock with your thumbprint on it?

If the email had been there, I have no idea what they would have sold to each other. Pottery was popular at the time. It’s possible that there were a lot of pottery stores. In my opinion, you don’t need bowls until you’ve created chips.

Several decamillennia later, we found that there are a lot of emails flying around. It would appear that the market is saturated, yet email is consistently reported in polls as the most important driver of ROI.

So, while the returns may be beneficial, they are only attainable if done correctly. Otherwise, you’ll get lost in the crowd. One email marketing approach that can boost performance and set you apart from rivals is EDM marketing.

What is EDM marketing?

Electronic direct mail marketing, or EDM Marketing, is a type of digital marketing that employs email to reach out to potential consumers. A multi-channel strategy then backs the email blast, with prospects exposed to it on several channels over time.

Retargeting, as a whole, is the most important component of this campaign. In an era of consumerism, customers – both B2B and B2C – have a plethora of options and information at their fingertips. The average consumer made two touchpoints in 2000 when buying goods. 15 years later, that number had grown to almost six touchpoints on average. Email campaigns attempting to adopt email marketing to the contemporary customer journey are known as EDMs.

If you read any other articles about EDM, (I’m not envious; it’s fine.) you’ll notice that they frequently discuss EDM blasts. An email blast is sending a single message to a large distribution list at once – without segmentation or customization.

To summarize it all, don’t do this. In fact, we believe that email prospecting is best done on a one-on-one basis, and as far as we’re concerned, the only way to send effective emails is in this way at Sopro.

The distinction between EDM marketing and email marketing

The difficulty in classifying the difference is that email marketing is a catch-all phrase.

This category includes a variety of emails from businesses marketing their goods or service. 

Sales prospecting emails, nurturing emails such as newsletters, promotional emails, receipts, shopping cart reminders, welcome emails, and other similar materials.

The goal of email-driven direct marketing is to provide emails that are targeted at specific groups of your audience. However, the key distinction is that it sends this marketing message via email before following up with communications delivered via other channels, allowing for more effective marketing campaigns.

In reality, this distinction indicates that the phrase “best practice” is somewhat antiquated: any best marketing technique must include integrated marketing communications theory. As a result, all email marketing should include a multi-channel customer experience in order to be considered effective.